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De’fibrillateur- Saves Life through the Electrical Cardioversion

To prevent sudden cardiac arrest Defibrilatteur acts as a blessing of technology. The most possible first aid of heart attack and stroke can be done with the use of this device. The defibrillateur is used to restore the normal heart rhythm by sending an electric shock. In 1956 the first successful defibrillation was done.
Types of Device:
There are mainly two types of defibrillateur;
Implantable defibrillateur: incorporated directly into the body in serious cases where the patient suffers with severe heart rhythm disorders which cannot be treated medically.
External Defibrillateur:  externally sending electric shocks via electrodes fixed on the skin.
Depending on its use Defibrillateur can be classified as Medical Defibrillateur and Consumer Defibrillateur.
General public can use the Fully Automated Defibrillateurs easily.
Advantages of Fully Automated Defibrillateur:
Automated device can be used by common mass.
The Fully Automated Defibrillateur which is known as AED can proceed without human intervention.
A portable, battery powered device.
Diagnosis done entirely automatic.
Prevents a loud voice.
The patient need not to be touched before triggering shock.

If you want to buy a high quality secured defibrillateur then you visit online .The manufacturer ensures the quality of the product as well as a high level of safety and efficiency. AED life point is popular for:
Immediate treatment of a patient of cardiac arrest.
It can treat one victim within 10 minutes.
It has already saved 50,000 and above victims of cardiac arrest.
Highly recommended by the specialists, rescue operators and fire brigades.
Best technology adapted.
The manufacture selected the best equipment to ensure optimum consumer satisfaction.
Easy to install.
A basic training is also provided in some cases.
But can be used by untrained persons.
Manufacture provides the spare parts and software necessary for the maintenance of its products.

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